Goddess owns your mind, body, and soul…this means Goddess owns your dick, balls, cum, and anything your body produces/has… Which means when you stroke your cock and slowly edge for Goddess you are borrowing an item of Goddess. Goddess is generous and does not mind when the submissive slut edges, […]

Edging for Goddess…

Goddess is the life force which is the source of life in your puny little life. Goddess is a Divine entity with the consciousness and mind which goes unmatched. When Goddess brings you into Her conscious mind and exerts thought, force, these thoughts shape and mold your lives. To have […]

Goddess Has No Equal…

Some of My Male friends have brought up the question “Do gloryholes exist?”  Now I know glory holes exist and you cum sluts know they exist, because you subhuman whores love visiting them to suck and slurp on any dick that you’re able to get your greedy little mouths on. Goddess has heard […]

Gloryhole Mystery…

Goddess loves taking big meaty Manly cock. So it would stand to reason that if yourself, the perverted depraved slut, strives for greatness should suck, fuck, and obsess over getting your brains fucked senseless like Goddess. Perverted depraved sluts cannot use their sad dicks to pleasure a woman, let alone a […]

Cuckolding, cock sucking, and becoming a full faggot for Goddess…

A subhuman can process daily information and accept their subhuman status with fear or love. If the subhuman walks through life with fear, or lower emotions, towards their inescapable subhuman status; the pain and strife of their daily existence will multiple countless times. If the subhuman accepts their subhuman existence with […]

Accepting your subhuman Status with Unconditional Love

Goddess expects your mind to be hazy and functioning through a sexual fog. Thoughts of Goddess compels you to stroke your pathetic dick. Thoughts of Goddess’s perfect body radiating sexual magnetism forces you to slowly edge and stroke your dick.   My GODDESS dress was MUCH too loose… its SUMMER […]

Walking through an Orgasmic Haze

There have been murmurs in the past before of Goddess separating and becoming single again. Nothing came from past rumblings, but now they have come to pass. Goddess is single again. Goddess becoming single again of course has serious consequences for you open wallet cuckold losers, because now Goddess will […]

Race To Pay

Edge for Goddess SHE commands you  Goddess owns your orgasms. THIS brings you delight!  Goddess allows your orgasms to exist. GODDESS who provides exctacy!  Without Goddess you wouldn’t even know what an orgasm is. EVERYTHING was Inferior before HER.  Goddess gives you your orgasms. Having Goddess grant you the pleasure of […]

GODDESS commands you !

Goddess owns your orgasms… Goddess owns your cock, balls, mind, body, and soul… This includes everything that can be put under the mind, body, and soul umbrella. So Goddess is the gatekeeper who allows you and grants you permission to rub, rub, rub your pleasure rod intended for worship to orgasmic release. […]

Stroke For Goddess…

IT is CLEAR that you are AROUSED AS FUCK, as you SALIVATE over the fact –THAT; it’s MY fucking BIRTHDAY… It is clearly the most divine event of the SEASON and a most exciting day for the subhuman who experiences the BLISSFUL SURGE known to jolt through the entire body […]

Celebrate Goddess’s Day